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Steve DiGiorgio

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Steve DiGiorgio (born November 7, 1967, Waukegan, Illinois) is a bassist.






  • Sadus - D.T.P. (1986, 2003)
  • Sadus - Certain Death (1987)
  • Sadus - The Wake of Severity (1989)
  • Sadus - Red Demo (1994)
  • Dark Hall - Demo (1995, 1998)
  • Funeral - Demo (2009, recorded in 1995)




Death - Lack of Comprehension (1991)

Death - The Philosopher (1993)


a F-series fretless 5-string bass in a dark green, also uses a double-neck construction with a fretted and a fretless neck in one body. Conklin and Tobias basses in the past. Ampeg SVT Classic amps and cabinets by Ampeg and Randall. Hipshot Extender Keys.

Strings - Rotosound swing bass 66. Gauge: 110-85-70-50-30.

Cables - Monster Cables.

Amplifiers Ampeg SVT Classic, Randall, Ampeg 8X10, Ampeg 1X15, Ampeg 2X10 w/horn, Randall 2X15.

Wireless - Nady 101.

Effects - DOD: Stereo Chorus, Stereo Flanger, Octoplus, Bass EQ, Envelope Filter, 270 A/B. Digitech: Two Second Digital Delay, Digital Stereo Chorus/Flanger. Ibanez: BP10 Compressor. Korg: AX1B. Keyboard - Korg: DW8000.

Soundmodule - Yamaha: TX81Z. Alesis: Microverb III, SR16. Misc. - The Bass Hammer, EBow.

Cases - A&S Custom flight cases.

Steve's bass guitars:

  • 4001 Custom Rickenbacker (1981)
  • Fully Custom Homemade Fender-Like Fretless (1991)
  • 4001 Rickenbacker (1975)
  • Custom Carvin BB75F (1996)
  • Custom Carvin BB75 (1999)
  • ESP - LTD F-205 (1999)
  • ESP Custom Forest Fretless (1999)
  • ESP Doubleneck Bass (????)
  • Thor (200?)

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