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Welcome to the Complete Metal Band Wiki!
There are 2,517 pages about bands and albums thus far.

Our goal is to have the most comprehensive Metal Band archive, period. Other places, many really good bands do not qualify for inclusion, due to one or more of their suggested guidelines for acceptance. Why? Because they are not "famous enough".

Famous does not necessarily mean good. There's a ton of famous people that are known for nothing constructive. Alot of "popular" things are horrible. We do not rule talent by "chart sales". Lots of (c)rap sells platinum, yet it's talentless noise destroying society.

Granted, we are not out to be a local band repository, but, if a band is good they deserve to be mentioned.

HERE you can:

  • Add your band and albums.
  • Help expand our growing metal band database by adding new bands.
  • Edit existing band and album entries.
  • Update articles keeping the data current.
  • To start, simply sign up

The only music that matters here is Metal!

You will find a number of great death, thrash, speed, and heavy metal bands, albums, and profiles of their musicians. Included among the metal bands, there is also entries of other bands and people connected in one way or another to the metal bands listed as well.

The images and text (that are not our own) are duly credited to its owner/author. (Even though, other wiki's and sites don't do the same with info they lift from here...)

If you wish not to have your images or credited text here, please notify us by the contact form, and it will promptly be removed.

Please feel free to browse the site, and if there is anything you can correct or contribute, we urge you to do so.

There are NO audio or video files allowed on this site!

We need more members to add articles and update current ones!

Please do NOT copy & paste from other sources!

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