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Batallón de Castigo

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Batallon De Castigo

Batallon De Castigo (Punishment Battalion / Battalion of Punishment ) was established in 1991 Into the prison of Alcala Meco Madrid. After a few years, its members were released and were able to record studio albums and playing concerts normally. The band have recorded three studio albums and one now in the process of production, live recorded in Madrid last February 2010. BDC is well known in Spain for the aggressiveness of their lyrics, some of them highly controversial and politically incorrect.



  • Pelayo - Bass
  • Alvaro - Drums
  • Víctor - Guitars (Formerly Bass)
  • Eduardo Clavero - Vocals, Guitars


  • Jordi - Bass
  • Ekrain - Bass
  • Kandela - Vocals
  • Pedro "Sacos" - Drums
  • Manolo - Bass, Guitars, Drums
  • Fernando - Drums
  • Javi - Keyboards


  • Entre rejas
  • La venganza
  • Sin piedad
  • Bajo presión
  • Democracia
  • Sangre y Honor
  • Revolución
  • La venganza de los Lobos

Studio Albums

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